Humanity Principles

As human beings we have choice.

Until we realise that we have chosen what we have, we will not believe and experience that we have the power to change it.

We can live peaceful, healthy, creative, loving, fulfilling lives, or we can live in pain, in fear and in self-destruction and inevitably also visit this upon others, ultimately in the form of war.

The choice is ours!

  • Humanity is a voluntary association of like-minded individuals.
  • Humanity adheres to the following principles:
  • Human beings live in a universe in which both creates and destroys. As human beings, we get to choose which we act out! A peaceful lifestyle is life-affirmative and creates space for people to grow – a violent one is life-negative and both comes from and promotes fear and pain. Universal peace can only come about through learning to embrace our inner “demons”, our shadow behaviour, and then to consciously and collectively choose inner peace. This can be a painful personal path, but the alternative is to visit our personal pain on others, which is what leads, writ large, to war.
  • Co-operation unites, harmonises and brings people together and is the only way to truly meet our individual and collective needs – unbridled competition separates, divides, and isolates. Co-operation flows from open, authentic and honest communication with oneself and others and is the only path that can truly resolve the “problems” facing our planet.
  • All emotions are valid. Negative emotions, as well as positive ones, are all to be freely owned, embraced, understood and processed. If negative ones are not given space, they will brood, breed, fester, and eventually explode into violence. Violence is repressed anger – unless our “no”s are freely felt and in someway experienced or expressed in the moment, they will be suppressed and eventually lead to depression and illness or to violent acting out – then therapeutic skills are required to free up the old hurt and release it healthily.
  • Friendship and love are the foundations of a healthy, happy and fulfilled life – all neuroses and otherwise addictive behaviour dissolve in the presence of love.
  • The fulfilment of human needs (physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, cultural and economic) can only occur in harmonious balance with the environmental needs of the planet.
  • Environmental sustainability and protection of the natural balance in nature requires the lightest possible touch on our planet, and the planet needs this NOW! By 2024 our earth will have warmed by 2 degrees over 1980 levels and beyond this there will be unknown consequences!
  • The true fulfilment of human need makes personal greed redundant. It is the fulfilment of people’s needs that gives value to an action or a production, and not how much that action or production can be sold for. Greed is human need turned inside out – it is a distorted survival strategy resorted to when our real human need for fulfilment is thwarted in some way.
  • Conscious co-creativity and mutuality assures our meeting the long-term needs of all humankind. The pursuit of private profit, at the expense of others’ and community’s needs, has led to profound inequality and unmerited privilege, and has now to be transformed into a desire for individual and social fulfilment.
  • Leadership models, embodies and inspires qualities that free the human spirit. As leaders we must encourage everyone to become leaders of themselves, and groups to be groups of all leaders. Genuine leadership is all-inclusive, and authority, status and privilege, where they exist, must only be exercised in the service of all.
  • Religion points to the beyond, but should never be mistaken for it. The word “religion” means to bind back together. In reality, religion, as all other systems of belief, is often used to divide, separate and dominate. True spiritual practice is always loving, peaceful and inclusive!
  • Openness and transparency overcome the isolation and fear generated by unnecessary privacy and secrecy.
  • Human intellect has the ability to transform, but must be matched with a corresponding emotional, physical, sexual and spiritual awareness to ensure that it is grounded, connected, socially responsible, and most of all, a path of heart.
  • Compassion and understanding bring people together. Rigid, righteous and judgmental attitudes breed separation and division. Diversity is to be experienced, learned from and celebrated!
  • When femininity and masculinity are in perfect balance, with equal opportunities, freedoms and responsibilities exercised by both men and women, only then will the world and its children be held safely and the human race be able to breathe in and out and relax in peace!

Love is always the answer!

Be the message, walk the talk, live by example, celebrate life!

Anyone aspiring to live by the above principles may declare themselves to be a participant in Humanity.

The practical day to day policies and activities of Humanity are a matter for its participants to determine as and how and when they feel it is appropriate, according to the setting in which they are active.

Anyone acting in accordance with these principles, individually and collectively, may declare themselves to be acting on behalf of Humanity.