Humanity Vision

Humanity exists as a political party for all those who believe that human beings are best served by conducting our relationships with each other peacefully. The use of aggressive language, abuse, bullying, intimidation, fists, weapons, and ultimately armies, air forces, navies and all of the paraphernalia of war are all progressively evidence of a breakdown in communication between us.

Human beings have needs, such as warmth, shelter, nutrition, interaction with other human beings, and fulfilment of potential. It is my contention that all of these needs can be met healthily through us as a species becoming more and more aware of what our real needs are and dropping the greed, demand, insistence that arises when our real needs don’t get met.

Most, if not all of us, don’t have a positive experience of getting our real needs met as babies, children and adolescents, let alone as adults. In fact, our childhoods tend to have conditioned us into believing that resources are scarce, that we need to fight and compete to get our needs met, and then this is the way we live our lives, and our political leaders reflect this in the way they relate to each other.

In fact, there is an abundance of resources on our beautiful planet and beyond, but only if we live healthily and respectfully towards ourselves, each other and the planet. That takes a lot of self-awareness, and for many of us, much healing to free ourselves from the conditioned state we find ourselves in that drives the way we live in the world.

It is also true that people don’t change just because someone tells them that it is better to live one way or another rather than the way that they are currently doing it! The only way people truly change is by being inspired, by being present to people who offer a happier, more fulfilling way of doing things, and a way of moving into that happiness and fulfilment which shows up as possible to the one who is living the less contented life. For some of us, we have to suffer to the point at which we are so low that we understand that change is the only way forward. For others, they are so lacking awareness of their own behaviour patterns and the sources and consequences of them, that next to nothing will affect them, they are just too defended. In some respects sadly, and also simply realistically, the only thing that you or I can do is to make sure that each of us is living as healthily and as happily and as authentically as we are able and to then trust that this will rub off on others and that the family of those who care, who put love of self and other and the planet at the top of our priority list, will grow.

So, Humanity declares that personal choice and responsibility is what will change the world, and that therefore what I do, and not what you or anyone else does, is my way of contributing to healing the planet.

So, Humanity does not expect anything of you, doesn’t set any rules or guidelines or party political formulas that you are expected to adhere to. Humanity declares the principles that its founder personally promotes. The rest is up to you.

And finally, it is my belief that the state of the planet and the state of humankind has reached a place in its evolution where it cannot evolve further without a raising of awareness of its plight and without a conscious choice from each of us to evolve purposefully into more aware beings and to consciously choose to co-operate rather than to compete. The resources of the planet are being plundered to extinction, and to planetary- and species-destruction through human-induced climate change. The level of competition between nations (generally the leaders, not the people themselves) has reached catastrophic proportions where the human race is on the verge of self-inflicted extinction. The human race cannot survive unless it evolves beyond competing for what it believes to be scarce resources. We have no evolutionary choice other than co-operation if we are to save ourselves and our planet for our own and for future generations. This change is an evolutionary injunction: Adapt and survive or face extinction! And I cannot do it for you. Each one of us has to make that choice for ourselves – then and only then can we hope to progress together towards the paradise that this earth is and offers us indefinitely if we see it and nurture it.

So, Humanity is a voluntary association of like-minded individuals who are free to act and associate as each of us feels appropriate. We have no members, you cannot sign up, you cannot abide by any rules or party lines. You can only declare yourself to be a participant in Humanity and you can only act on behalf of Humanity, as and when you and not I choose it and say it, as long as your words and actions more or less reflect the principles declared by myself as founder of Humanity. You do not need my permission to be a participant in Humanity, nor do you need my permission to act on behalf of Humanity. All you need is your willingness to take responsibility for the words and actions you declare to be on behalf of Humanity.

Over to you!

Robin de Brea.