For the kind of world Humanity is committed to bringing into being, each of us has to take responsibility for who we are and what we manifest in the world.  I, Amila, have recently been accused of not living, at a personal level, that which I proclaim politically, and I have been through the darkest valley of my life, learning to face and hopefully overcome behaviour patterns that haven’t served me or those around me, and which have kept me living at the level of fulfilment of a much lesser being than I believe I want and am “meant” to be, and I have sadly visited that upon those around me.  I am committed to changing this and to living ecstatically in paradise on earth!


I am a therapist trained at the Humaniversity and I have many years of experience of therapy, meditation, personal growth and personal tranformation work.  I am now going to host two groups, from January 2018 - they say people “teach” what it is they most need to learn themselves, so here we go!!!  On a Monday morning, from 10-1, I will be sharing all the different practices that I have learned over the years that offer opportunities for self-transformation - meditation, Tai Chi, communication exercises, bioenergetics, etc, etc, and on a Wednesday evening I/we will be hosting a mutual self-help self-transformation cum therapy group, where those who participate will collectively take responsibility for the agenda we choose to work to and the results we wish to achieve!


Watch this space!